We’ve covered some weird porn trends on this site before, some recent examples including mud porn and the even more bizarre head shaving fetish DVD, but however strange the kink, you can usually see what dynamic is being eroticized and understand why some people find it exciting, even if it doesn’t personally turn your crank. But this most recent discovery is completely beyond me, although it does prove the validity of Rule 34 once again. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you bread stomping.

The pictures below, which let me assure you are completely safe for work, were posted on the message board Bura Bura Browsing under the title “Women Stomping on Bread is Sexy.”

It's Breadzilla!

It’s Breadzilla!


Watch out, little guys!








Oh, the carnage!

The message board readers largely seemed to be as nonplussed as I was, saying:

“This is way over my head.”

“They aren’t even buns filled with curry or jam. Just bread isn’t going to make my dick stand up.”

“That’s just wasteful!”

One commenter tried to explain that food crushing is a fetish that springs from the feeling of shame that goes along with wasting food. Even with this explanation, the commenters seemed at a loss:


“Even for a fetish, you shouldn’t treat food so shabbily.”

“… I would still eat that.”

Different strokes for different folks, as the saying goes. According to the person who tried to explain bread stomping, it isn’t even all that unusual as fetishes go. He pointed out, “If you search Google for ‘food crushing’, you get all kinds of pictures and videos. A whole lot more than for insect crushing fetishists.”

Indeed? Well, I guess I should be glad I was assigned this article and not insect crushing erotica…

If you’re interested, here’s a selection of the best bread stomping pictures, as judged by me:







Source and Images: Bura Bura Browsing