gachapin inside

We know he’s supposed to be a dinosaur, but adorable character Gachapin’s fluffy green exterior somehow always made him seem much less alien and frightening. So when this image recently appeared on a Japanese Twitter user’s feed, we suddenly found ourselves a little less fond of Japan’s own Barney-a-like.

Just for reference, here’s how Gachapin (left) usually looks, alongside his furry yeti friend Muku. Kind of dopey-looking, but undeniably huggable.

gachapin and muku

But when we peel back the skin and cut a cross-section, he (apparently) looks a little more like this:

gachapin tweet

The level of detail seen here is almost as shocking as the image itself. Twitter user @studiocorvo writes that he based a number of features on existing skeletal models, including a human’s S-shaped spine and an ankylosaur’s eyelid.

“I gave him plenty of space for a large brain,” the curious creative writes, “this is normal for a being of great intelligence.”

Well, at least we know what will be chasing us down dark corridors in our nightmares this evening…

Source: Studio Corvo

Gachapin and Muku image: Tickle Tock