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I admit it’s been a long time since I last watched an episode of kids’ favourite Pokémon, but I don’t recall outdoor rutting being a common theme.

The following image, allegedly taken from an episode of the show that aired earlier this week, surfaced on Japanese bulletin boards sometime yesterday and has been causing quite a stir. Those poor, poor sheep. We’ll spare you the sight of the awesome/upsetting uncensored animated gif until after the jump.

And by “sheep”, I do of course, mean “Mareep” (or so my nephew tells me).

Quite what is happening here, we’re not sure, but we’re firm believer that it is wrong to jump to base conclusions. Here are some potential alibis explanations for the situation:

1. The larger pokémon has mistaken the mareep for an inflatable sheep and is trying to deflate it before impressionable children catch sight of it.

2. The larger pokémon is generously giving his pal a shiatsu massage.

3. The mareep is actually the perverted one, and is backing into his yellow pal and jiggling his rear end.

Hmm, this is going to be a tough one to explain in court.

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Source: Huyosoku