Marukome One Shot dispenser

Ladies and gentlemen, the water cooler is dead. From now on whenever they want to get the latest office gossip or slack off for a while, anyone who’s anyone will be drinking hot, individually made miso soup. Presenting: the One Shot Miso Soup dispenser.

This mini technological wonder comes from Japanese miso soup maker Marukome and is intended for use at smaller restaurants, cafeterias and even offices where between 50 and 100 bowls of delicious, healthy miso soup are consumed each day.

Known as the “Wan Shot” (“wan” being both the Japanese word for soup bowl and the common pronunciation of the English word “one”), this little gizmo is designed for specially made pre-packed miso soup pouches in a system not unlike Nescafe’s hugely popular “Nespresso” machine’s espresso capsules.

With a pouch loaded, simply tap the button on the front of the unit and await your tasty snack. Maker Marukome also has more than eight varieties of miso soup to choose from, meaning that diners at company cafeterias and even employees who need a little something to recharge their batteries between responding to irate emails aren’t limited to just one generic flavour of soup and can even keep their own little stash in their desk.

miso soup front and side

Perhaps the best part about this device is that, since the soup packets do not require additional water, the Wan Shot can be positioned pretty much anywhere provided that it has access to a power outlet, and Marukome even offers free rental of the dispenser itself so long as enough of their soup is consumed on a daily basis. I wonder if I can convince my boss to get one for the staff here at Rocket Towers…

Miso Soup dispenser

Source/top image: Gizmodo Japan

Inset images: Marukome