The Osaka Animal Welfare and Husbandry Department announced that it is desperately seeking homes for some of the dogs rescued in a major seizure of breeding dachshunds last year.

According to officials, in November last year, a 44-year-old woman working as a breeder was arrested on charges of animal abuse and neglect. An incredible 161 dogs were rescued from her property and taken to area animal hospitals for treatment, vaccination and sterilization.

Sadly, 20 of the dogs have since died, leaving 141 to be rehomed. Through the efforts of the individual animal hospitals about half of them have been placed, but there are still about 70 dogs looking for homes.

Immediately after the breeder’s arrest made news, many people contacted the department wishing to adopt one of the dogs, but when they were finally made available, only three people applied by the February 22nd deadline. The department concluded that they hadn’t sufficiently spread the word and needed to give the dogs another chance, so they’ve extended the deadline to the end of the month.

Those interested in applying can find the necessary materials on the department’s website. Once the application has been received, a staff member will contact you to arrange a home visit to assess your suitability. If there are no problems, applicants will be invited to an information event in March and be able to take their dog home.

If you are in the Kansai area and thinking of getting a dachs, instead of heading to the pet store, how about giving one of these guys another chance?

Source: Yahoo! Japan
Image: Morguefile