Iphone phone

Sick and tired of all this new-fangled technology? Yearn to cradle a good, solid handset between your head and shoulder while talking calls? The new Sanwa Direct telephone receiver for iPhone could be just the thing!

Retailing for 2,480 yen (US$26) on Amazon JP, the handset is listed as compatible with pretty much every model of iPhone and iPad there is. It’s even available in both black or white to match your existing iPhone, so you can be sure to look good while taking that important business call. On the train. Like a numpty.

iphone phone in white

In all seriousness, the plug-in handset is aimed at users who require access to their iPhone while talking on it without having to break from the conversation to pull up emails or documents (or Tiny Wings) or set the phone to loudspeaker mode and disturb those around them. The buttons located on the inside of the handset can also be used to end calls and change the volume, and the long chord can stretch to a couple of feet, but with the iPhone 5 weighing barely 112 g you’ll likely need to bolt the thing to your desk to keep it from moving.

But what did Japan’s Internet elite have to say about the device when it came under the spotlight recently?

– Why are we devolving, exactly?

– Um… I actually kinda want one!

– So I can take my old house phone outdoors with me!?

– Haha classy!

– I want to put my iPhone in my pocket and walk around town using this.

But at least one Amazon JP customer and old-school garake mobile fan has already given the retro handset a five-star review online, citing it is “much easier to take calls on” than just the standard iPhone. We can only imagine the number of chuckles and snickers he’s generating in the office…

iphone phone handset

As you can see from the above images, the Sanwa Direct telephone receiver conveniently plugs straight into your iPhone via the headphone jack, making it extremely easy to use. It also, however, begs the question why people who want to use their phone while talking on it don’t just use the microphone-equipped earphones that come free with every iPhone in the world ever, thus saving time, money and the need to give yourself permanent neck pain the like of which we haven’t seen since the late 1990s…

Source/images: ゴールデンタイムズ (Japanese)