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As our computers become more and more powerful and tools that were once only accessible to those in the industry become affordable even for the everyday consumer, the appearance of amateur-made images, videos and music is becoming increasingly common. This, as we’re sure you’ll agree, is a good thing. With the right tools to hand, almost anyone with enough time and effort can share their creative vision with the entire world.

But when the sole outcome of all this technology is a couple of girls with weird hair jiggling their particulars about for the best part of five minutes, we can’t help but wonder whether we’re doomed as a species.

The following video was put together using MikuMikuDance, or MMD for short, an animation program made available for free online and originally intended to allow fans and composers of digital diva Hatsune Miku tracks to create accompanying dance videos. While there’s no denying that the program itself is an impressive beast, and it’s great to see tools like it available for almost anyone to use, we get the feeling that its creator had more in mind than making monster mammaries bounce around on set. The video features two animé-style girls – both in ill-fitting bikinis and one with, for some reason, a horn sticking out of her head – dancing along to a forgettable J-pop track  in front of a real-world city view.

Here’s the video in full. Be aware that once you’ve seen the first 30 seconds, you’ve probably seen most of what it has to offer: bewbs.

The animation is, admittedly, great. The city in the background looks gorgeous. And those physics are, in general, spot-on. But why do we get the feeling that the people behind this video spent way, way, more time and energy on those breasts than anything else?

Some people worry about nuclear warfare or global warming; I think a future where all we can do is engineer jiggling boobies in real time and forget how to feed and clothe ourselves might be a more feasible hypothesis for the end of the world…

▼Imagine looking out of your window one morning and seeing this…

boobxar weird 2

▼We think Uni-girl has had a few too many late nights.

boobxar weird

▼ Yes, we know. We’ve counted them.


I’m off for a cup of tea and a lie down.

Source: Kotaku JP (Japanese)