It was a case of looks that could kill.

On a flight between Fuzhou, Fujian and Harbin, Heilongjiang, China a 40-year-old male passenger was rushed to hospital after sitting next to an allegedly beautiful woman for the entire flight.

On 4 March, the passenger took his window seat in economy class. Before take off he was surprised by the beautiful woman taking the seat next to him.

However, being a middle-aged man he began to feel self-conscious about the gut he was developing. As a result, he refrained from drinking anything for fear that he’d have to go to the bathroom upsetting his fetching neighbor by fully exposing his beer belly to her.

He also refused to stand up and stretch out of shame and remained firmly entrenched in his seat for the entire five-hour flight.

After the plane landed at Fujian Changle International Airport the man was unable to move his body and thought he couldn’t get off then. Soon after that, he passed out.

The man was reportedly a victim of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) which is often poorly labeled as “economy-class syndrome.” DVT can affect susceptible people in a variety of situations including when they remain in one position for long periods of time combined with other factors.

DVT can lead to a variety of complications including death.

To help lower the risk of DVT, experts recommend people sitting for long periods of time to move as much as possible and drink lots of water.  These, of course, are the two things this man refused to do.

Source: livedoor News via 2ch Blog (Japanese)
Image: Wikipedia – Cweyer