As we reported recently, popular curry chain Go! Go! Curry is currently holding a speed eating event, where the person who can cram two servings of their regular house curry down their gullet in the shortest amount of time will be crowned in eternal glory. Last time, our ravenous reporter Mr. Sato schooled his young protege Tashiro-kun in the art of inhaling food, but, not satisfied with this small victory, he decided to come back, this time with the whole Japanese staff in tow for a championship match.

Until the 15th, all Go! Go! Curry outlets are holding qualifiers, with the fastest five from each store going to the “Asian Series” to compete for a grand prize trip to New York, assuming the winner can fit on a plane.

The rules are simple:

1. You must finish two orders of the house curry.
2. In order to prevent burns, you must allow the curry to sit for at least 10 minutes before eating.
3. You must shout “Go! Go! Curry!” upon finishing.
4. You may drink up to three glasses of water.

Thank goodness for that waiting period, or we’d have ended up in the hospital. With the help of those three glasses of water, the team managed to clean their plates in the space of a few minutes. And here are the results of the Great Curry Carnage of ’13:

1st Kuzo (1:14)
2nd Mr. Sato (2:02)
3rd Go (2:42)
4th Tashiro-kun (4:44)
5th Ms. Kikuchi (4:50)
6th Ms. Megumi (5:40)

What’s this? Kuzo has handily beaten the crowd-favorite, Mr. Sato, by almost 50 seconds! And yet, with that unbelievably speedy repast, he clocked in at 6th place for the store, missing the chance to show off his chops at the Asian Series. The top five eaters all managed to gobble up their curries in less than a minute. Maybe next time…

Speaking of which, in case you are interested in taking the Go! Go! Curry Challenge for yourself or are just in a real rush at lunchtime, here are some tips for speedy eating.

1. Get the plate right up to your mouth to shovel in the food.
2. Keep lubricated. A pace of one sip of water for every two bites of curry works well to get the rice down smoothly.
3. Chew as little as possible.
4. Definitely do not pack too much curry into one swallow!

You might think that drinking water is a waste because it will fill you up, and if this were a traditional eating contest where you have to eat as much as possible, that would be true. But in trying to eat as quickly as possible, water is key. It order to flush your throat, it’s essential, really.

Of course, there are those that ignore this advice about water and just go gangbusters on their curry. To each his own, I suppose. In any event, if you do visit Go! Go! Curry, keep in mind that you can only enter the contest twice. Once to try it out and one to register an official time. Good luck, gluttons!


Patience, Mr. Sato, patience.

Patience, Mr. Sato, patience.


Tashiro-kun gets ready for his second attempt.

Tashiro-kun gets ready for his second attempt.


Go goes crazy for Go! Go! Curry.

Go goes crazy for Go! Go! Curry.


Who said this was a boys' club? Ms. Kikuchi and Ms. Megumi can hang with the baddest of them.

Who said this was a boys’ club? Ms. Kikuchi and Ms. Megumi can hang with the baddest of them.


And RocketNews24's champion, Kuzo, prepared to do battle.

And RocketNews24’s new champion, Kuzo, prepared to do battle.

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