Some people like a little white noise or some relaxing music to help them sleep, but for us, sleep just won’t come unless there are epic sci-fi space battles playing out above our heads. Maybe we have a bizarrely specific type of sleep disorder.

Segatoys has us covered though, with the introduction of this snazzy and slightly terrifying disembodied Darth Vader head planetarium.

The planetarium displays 10,000 stars and a cool TIE fighter image that zips around your bedroom ceiling, possibly shooting lasers and making pew pew pew noises, while Darth Vader’s soulless eyes watch you in silent judgment over all the empty beer cans strewn around your room. You should really recycle those, by the way.


Darth Vader’s head runs on four AA batteries, is 137x134x142 millimeters and can be yours for 6,825 yen (about US$71) from March 29.


Source: IT Media (Japanese)