According to Taiwanese media sources, a 38-year-old teacher in Taipei has been arrested after having engaged in sexual relations with more than 100 men, despite knowing all along that he was exposing them to HIV.

The unnamed man is believed to have used the Internet to arrange homosexual orgies, telling potential participants that he could supply them with ketamine, an anesthetic drug often abused for its hallucinogenic properties. At the sex parties, he is thought to have had intercourse with more than 100 different men, despite he himself knowing that he carried the virus.

After having worked as an elementary school teacher in Taipei for some 10 years, the man was transferred to a more prestigious school within the city. Just three days after starting in his new position, however, it was revealed that the man was infected with the virus as well as a known drug user, at which point he was suspended. A police inquiry began soon after, and, when it was revealed that 50 of those who had slept with the man had contracted HIV, the former teacher was taken into custody.

Police have confirmed that there is no evidence that the man had interfered with or deceived any of his former students, but the school has said that it will keep parents informed of any future developments.

The man may serve up to 12 years in prison for his crimes.

Source/title image: Livedoor News (Japanese)