Zelda cash 1 rupee

Ever the video game fans, we have to admit that there were a couple of gasps and squeals of delight this morning at the RocketNews24 office when we first caught sight of these The Legend of Zelda-themed banknotes designed by deviantART member Ash. With 1, 5, 10 and 20 rupee notes featuring characters from the series and printed in colours faithful to the game’s gem-shaped currency, we’re positively dying for Nintendo to adopt the idea and make these things official Club Nintendo freebies.

It’s the minor touches within each note, though, that really make them shine. As well as featuring characters from the well-known series, the holographic seal of authenticity is actually a small silver triforce, and the signature on the front belongs to none other than the creator of Zelda and recently-snapped man in green, Shigeru Miyamoto. Well done that man!

▼ Link stands proud on the green (of course!) 1 rupee note.

Zelda cash 1 rupee

▼ Princess Zelda on the 5 rupee bill.

zelda cash 5 rupees

▼ This one looks a lot like the Bank of England’s 50 pound note!

Zelda cash 20 rupees

▼ Zelda’s bodyguard Impa looking tough on the fifty.

Zelda cash 50 rupees

Ah, it’s good to be nerdy sometimes.

Source: Ash via Walyou