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As a pale-skinned Brit, this writer is certainly no stranger to bad weather. As much as I wish my country would be blessed with a little more sunshine from time to time however, after seeing the following photos of China’s recent freakish weather, I think I’ll stick with my overcast skies and patches of drizzle.

In the early afternoon of Wednesday 20 March, residents in Guangdong, China found themselves running for cover as balls of ice the size of chicken eggs fell from the sky, smashing car windshields and pummeling the streets below.

Images of the enormous hailstones surfaced on Weibo, China’s very own version of Twitter, moments after the sudden spell of lethal precipitation. Balls of solid ice, many of the hailstones were not only equal to in size but also resembled the eggs that many of us buy from supermarkets every day. As many as nine people are thought to have died as a result of the hailstorm.

▼ Some of the lumps of ice that fell from the sky on Wednesday.

hail eggs comparison

Perhaps most frightening of all, though, was the image of a car whose windshield was punctured more than 10 times by the falling ice, displaying the sheer size and weight of the hail and the force with which it fell.

▼ Clearly and umbrella wouldn’t provide much shelter here, either…

hail eggs windscreen

We’ll leave you now with a couple of videos of the hailstorm itself. Nature really can be scary sometimes…

Images via: Weibo (Chinese)
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