Infants love boxes of tissue, and playing with tissue boxes can be a great way for them to develop sensory perception and fine motor skills.

However, once the necessary experience has been met, it can be hard to get them to stop pulling out every piece into a fluffy white pile on the floor. One Twitter user uploaded a photo of her solution to this problem amid cheers of “genius.”

Putting the tissue box out of reach may encourage the child to climb into dangerous places but leaving it on the ground would spell doom for the poor box.

The toddler’s father came up with the idea realizing there was one place a newly mobile child couldn’t get to – their own back.

The mother constructed the holder which may conveniently double as a cushion if the kid falls backwards, and is readily available for runny noses and wiping off assorted schmutz.

It has been retweeted a few thousand times in the past couple of days, with unanimous praise of “clever” and “great idea.” One twitterer in particular mentioned that, “If you need a tissue you can just call for it.”

Source: Twitpic (Japanese)