Love lollipops? Love ice-cream? You can now make your own Chupa Chups flavored ice candy! Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy A.R.T.S will be releasing an ice candy making kit this coming 18 April.With the candy kit, making the lollipop flavored ice candy is simple and fun.

All you’ll have to do is pour a little liquid of your preference (milk, hot water, or even cola!) into the container, stick the lollipop in, and melt it using the rotating tool! Leave the mixture in the freezer, and you get a sweet ice candy (that looks just like a giant Chupa Chups lolly)! the next day.

The kit comes with two default flavors – strawberry and coke. But since Chupa Chups has over a few dozens of flavors available on shelves and you can add practically any kind of drinks to the candy, recipe ideas are endless! Here are three example recipes from the maker:


1) Green Tea Chupa Chups + Milk. 2) Cherry + Coke. 3) Strawberry Cream + Soy Milk

Cherry and coke is a very interesting combination indeed. Personally, I’m very curious if mixing pudding flavored Chupa Chups with soy sauce would result in an sea-urchin flavored ice candy. Let us know if you can think of any other crazy recipes!

The Chupa Chups ice candy kit will be selling for 1,575 yen (US$16.7).

We’ll leave you with the insanely happy and brightly-colored Japanese ad for the candy. We’re sure you’ll have the theme song stuck in your head all day.

Source: IT Media

Video: YouTube TakaratomyARTS