At the trial of Li Wan Hao, a web designer living in Hong Kong, the court was shocked at the extent of porn saved on his hard drive. Unfortunately for Li somewhere in that sea of explicit content were a few drops of “illegal material.”

According to Xinhua News Agency, police raided Li’s home at around 7:00 p.m. on the evening of 12 March, 2012. It was then that they discovered the massive collection of video files on what must have been a sizable hard drive.

The reported total was 714,000 videos, a number that left the judge at his hearing visibly aghast. The art school graduate had mostly videos showing adult content with some animated ones as well.

“Yeah, but a lot of them are probably those five-second clips you download from free sites,” said one Internet porn expert who probably isn’t me.

Of course, while having an adult video collection in the high six digits does raise some flags in regard to one’s character, it isn’t a crime in itself. Li, it appears, also had some material which violated child porn laws in the mix.

The raid was carried out due to suspicion based on Li’s past conviction of possession of child pornography. He is not believed to have a history of mental illness, however, a full psychological report has not yet been carried out.

As a result, the man’s sentencing has been moved from 21 March, 2013 to 5 April. This means that either Xinhua made a typo on his arrest date, Hong Kong courts are also really slow, or it took about a year to go through all of his videos and build a case against him.

So let this be a lesson to all the boys and girls out there. Hoarding porn is never a good idea.

For all we know this guy didn’t even intend to save illegal material to his computer and it just slipped in with the flood of legal stuff he was getting… twice. Okay, probably not, but I got to figure after around 1,000 they kind of lose all meaning anyway.

Source: Xinhua (Japanese)