So cats are apparently not as dumb as we thought.

A team of researchers at Tokyo University – because really, who other than the Japanese would spend money researching cats? – recently discovered that cats are able to distinguish their owner’s voice from others.

Japanese media seems to conclude that this is proof cats aren’t as aloof as we once thought, but with their array of diabolical abilities, including mimicking the sound of a crying baby and even a dog’s bark, we’re certain there’s something other than love going on in these feline’s brains.

The researchers gathered up 20 cats and their owners and had a person unfamiliar to each cat call its name, followed by the cat’s owner doing the same, as seen in the above video. They found that the cats would largely ignore the strangers while pretty reliably reacting to their owners, or as we’re sure their cats know them as, The Keeper of the Red Dot.


Overall, 15 of the 20 cats reacted to their owner’s voice, so apparently regardless of intellect cats still do whatever they damn well please.

Researchers say their next goal is to determine if cats are able to recognize their own name. Hopefully, this will be followed by a study to determine why the Internet is so obsessed with cats.

Source: ハムスター速報

Inset image: smosh.com