Human beings have been doodling on walls for tens of thousands of years. We express our thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires on canvases of various shapes and sizes, sometimes in public, sometimes in private. It’s becoming increasingly clear, though, that there’s only one thing on the mind of the person responsible for a spate of doodles on public property in Tokyo: boobs.

During one of her strolls through town looking for interesting sights to snap with her camera, South Korean photography student and friend of RocketNews24 Hyojin Yim one day spotted a peculiar piece of graffiti art that had been sprayed onto a wall in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward. Among the scrawls of a handful of other renegade artists, a row of perky, upturned breasts hung as if floating in the air. Hyojin snapped the curious doodle with her camera and went on her way. Little did she know that she was about to stumble upon the exact same image, sprayed on every susceptible corner and crevice the town had to offer.

Welcome to the boobie invasion of Tokyo.

To date, Hyojin has discovered this alternative tag in as many as 17 different locations in and around Shibuya. While we don’t advise heading out to realise your creative potential by scribbling symbols on public property (as you’re likely to end up in the back of a police car or in court), the sheer number of these odd scrawlings meant that we couldn’t not share them with you, our dear readers.

For your viewing delectation, here is the young photographer’s collection of snaps. We can’t help but wonder just how many more of these free-hanging funbags are still out there.

▼ At the subway station…


▼ On brick walls (sign reads: “Graffiti Prohibited”)


▼ No surface is safe from the rows of eerie breasticles.






▼ Up high…


▼ Down low.


▼ They’re everywhere.









Why? We have no idea. We just hope that the person who’s drawing these things quits while they’re ahead. Everyone loves a good pair of breasts, but these are enough to haunt our dreams…

You can check out Hyojin Yim’s stunning photography (non-boobie-related, we promise) at her blog Okonomide. Head on over- we’re sure you won’t regret it.

hyojin yim

Upcoming photographer Hyojin Yim.

All photos courtesy of Hyojin Yim