He slinks through the trees, scanning from above for his next victim and waits, sword unsheathed, as his prey draws near. Plummeting down, death from above, he pounces and fells his target with a single swipe of his glinting blade. No one is safe when the killer samurai leaf attacks!

Ok, this is really just an ordinary fallen leaf, but its resemblance to a samurai in mid-slash is uncanny. This picture was uploaded to LOL Snaps and although it hasn’t received much attention on the site since its April 19 debut, the samurai leaf has gained popularity among Japanese RocketNews24 readers who are amazed at how closely this mere leaf resembles one of the icons of their homeland..

But could this picture be too good to be true? Is this samurai leaf the product of a perfect wind tousling or the creation of a mischievous photographer? The world may never know the truth, but we’d like to think that killer samurai leaves really do exist. Stay alert, people!

Image via LOL Snaps