Ah, it’s spring again – that time of year when young boys’ and girls’ thoughts turn to mayhem, destruction and chaos.  Boy, this story sure takes me back to my preteen days.

On 1 May, Police in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture announced that they referred two 13 year-old girls to the Odawara Child Guidance Center after they were found to have caused approximately 490,000 yen (US$5,000) of damage to Sakawa Municipal Junior High School.

According to police, the two girls broke through a first floor window using a rake sometime between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm on 4 February.  They then proceeded to the fourth floor and opened faucets.

They also overturned desks and threw others out the window and wrote the kanji for “death” on blackboards and “Dead School” on the asphalt in chalk as the overflowing water completely destroyed computers and lighting.

Police had said that one girl admitted “we got the idea from a similar thing in a manga we were reading.”

According to Matome Naver, the scene they were imitating was from the Akunohana series.  A scene they’re referring to can be seen on the blog, Himajin no Toshokan, in it we can see a character lying in the middle of a vandalized classroom.

Meanwhile, in a case of life imitating life imitating art, two 14 and 13 boys were found to have flooded Kozu Municipal Junior High School at approximately 6:00 pm on 8 March by opening faucets in 15 locations and flooding the schoolyard.

The two reportedly said they “were inspired by what happened at Sakawa.” The 13 year-old has joined the two girls at Odawara Child Guidance Center while the 14 year-old is being processed with the Public Prosecutors Office for breaking and entering.

Yup, kids will be kids alright.  I remember when I was a preteen and threw a flaming garbage can through the window of a police station… good times. I think I got the idea from a Captain America comic.

Source: Yomiuri Online via Hachima Kiko (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – TomoNewsJP,

▼ A TomoNews / NMA CG simulation of the incident

▼ A television news report