Just as hidari no ko vs migi no ko  is dividing Japan, iPhone vs Android has divided the world. And that division is most clear in the ceaseless battle between Apple and Samsung. Where patent lawsuits once captured our attention, stealth marketing and negative campaigns have suddenly sprung up. And today’s news out of Thailand is all the more bizarre for its tactlessness.

dj j mam twitter

It seems that the famous Thai DJ J Mam (pictured above) took to Twitter to denounce Apple’s iPhone and praise Samsung’s newest model, the Galaxy S4. But it looks like the Tweet was posted from an iPhone! In any battle between hardliners, you can imagine how this misstep is burning up the Net.

The DJ, illogically, tweeted from an iPhone (presumably his) that it’s embarrassing to be using recent iPhones as there don’t seem to be any technological improvements in sight, so he’s switched to Samsung. Since Samsung has recently been proven to be using negative campaigns against other companies in Taiwan, a number of people in Thailand have commented that this might be another negative campaign by the company.

MacThai, a Thai language website, captured the following Tweet and added a little message for the DJ: “FAIL!!”


Hardly an impartial source, but they do have a point.

Still while it’s both illogical and ironic, we wonder if caution isn’t required here. After all, maybe he meant to send it as a last farewell before switching over to his new phone?

Wait, caution!? This is the Internet! Let the flame wars continue!!!

Source: Thailand News Agency, MacThai
Image source: PhoneArena, DJ J MAM Twitter, MacThai