Kaori 4

A team from Kitakyushu National College of Technology (Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka) and CrazyLabo (Koga City, Fukuoka) has developed two robots capable of detecting degrees of offensiveness in foot odor and breath.

Blow into the face of lovely Kaori, a female mannequin-headed robot, for a quick reading on whether or not you are ready to interact with others. After a brief analysis, Kaori will assign one of four ratings to the (un)pleasantness of your breath…


Good: Your breath smells nice, a slight sweet and sour fragrance.
Not-so-good: Uh-oh, that’s a little stinky.
Bad: Get away! I can’t stand it!
Very Bad: Declare a state of emergency!

The other robot, Shuntaro, who is made to resemble a Basset Hound, will bravely assess the odor emanating from your socked feet.

sock 2
Good: Shuntaro will draw nearer
Not-so-good: He will start to howl
Bad: Wobbling legs cause him to fall over
Very Bad: Shuntaro will faint and go down for the count

Breath mint and foot care product manufacturers everywhere are undoubtedly hoping for quick commercialization.

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Source: Asahi Shinbun