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Surely we all used to joke about the poor quality of school cafeteria food, but a Chinese high school student wasn’t joking when he posted this picture of his school cafeteria breakfast, which appears to contain a fully cooked mouse or rat nestled snugly in his rice ball, to Weibo – China’s native social media site.

Somehow, the post got by the skittish Chinese cyber police, who are known to close down unsavory searches and online postings. One would think depictions of rat meat being fed to unsuspecting kids would pop up on their radar pretty fast.

Other users followed the post with depictions of meals containing everything from rat bones to insects, supposedly from the same Wenzhou meal provider.


Given China’s somewhat dubious history of bending international copyright laws, I’m almost surprised the company in question didn’t claim the rodent-infused rice ball was some grotesque Disney collaboration.


Source: Byokan Sunday

Photos: Weibo