Forgetting stuff at the copy machine is one thing when you’re at work and everyone already knows about all your weird little obsessions (we’re looking at you, whoever’s making copies of horse-riding advertisements and Jell-o recipes), but it’s entirely different when you forget your stuff at a public copy machine. Someone might even take pictures and tweet them for the whole world to see!

Here are 11 such tweets from the convenience stores and workplaces of Japan.

▼”Forgotten item at a copy machine. I wonder if everything turned out okay. Definitely think it’s something they’ll need today.”
<Same-day tickets> 当日券

▼”Left on the copier at my part-time job. It’s so scary I can hardly work.”
<Torture all Japanese people to death
Torture Yazawa Eikichi to death
Torture Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi to death
Destroy Japan

▼”Forgotten at the copy machine at my part-time job. LOL”
<WAMUU!> [From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures]

▼”Found this forgotten item at the 7-Eleven I was just at. LOL This is so cute! Unten!!”
[The artist used the kanji for “heaven” 天 instead of the correct kanji for “drive” 転.]
<If you drink (and so on) and drive (and so on), you will be arrested by the cops (and so on).>

▼”Forgotten item at the copy machine. Someone was definitely ‘…and copying.’ Yep, ‘eating and copying.’”
[Yokan (the food in the picture) is sweet bean jelly.]

▼ “I found this in my local copier. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!”
[Seems to be Mugi from K-ON!]
Cute Cake

▼”What the hell…LOL It’s so scary…”

▼”This job application printout was forgotten at the copy machine. The sense of humor is so great! I got so obsessed with these three questions I couldn’t sleep.”
<Question 4. Sketch the following picture.
Question 5. Explain the reason for your applications. *You can’t use letters or characters.
Question 6. Write pi to the end.>

▼”This was forgotten at a Lawson copy machine.”
<Anders Bengtsson> [From the book/movie The Master Detective Lives Dangerously.]

▼”At the convenience story now. Someone left a 100 yen [about $1] in the copy machine. What should I do?”
100 yen

▼Forgotten item left at my part-time job. I wonder who this message is for…
<Don’t die before me.
April 8, 2013>

Source: Twitter via Naver Matome