Forget showing your love with matching tattoos and his ‘n hers pendants; romance in the digital age is all about texts, video calls and saucy photos. So it makes all kinds of sense to show the world your devotion with a set of kissing covers for the iPhone 5. Couples, it’s time to throw those matching T-shirts away and save your friends the embarrassment with – wait, possibly more embarrassment than ever before.

The silicon covers, known as the O!coat Lover+, from Ozaki, come in three designs: Sweetheart, Romantic and Forever.

▼ Sweetheart


▼ Romantic


▼ Forever


So are they suggesting that black and grey couples are forever and brown and pink couplings are romantic? According to the company, couples who’ve just started dating should go with the “Sweetheart” design, while lovey-dovey couples should opt for the “Romantic” set. Only when you’re at stage three, when there’s no turning back, should you attempt to try the “Forever” set.


Here’s hoping nobody scares off their partner with the wrong set! Ooohhh lovers…

Sources: ASCII Media Works Amazon Japan