Ever have one of those nights where you knock back one too many and wake up not remembering what happened the night before?  Then as you fumble around for clues like a matchbook or photos on your phone, you discover that you’ve cut off your own privates with a pair of kitchen scissors?

If so, I’m terribly sorry for your loss, but, as this truly sobering tale of self-mutilation reveals, you’re not alone…

According to Taiwan’s Apple Daily, the man in his 40s had been drinking from the afternoon straight into the evening, when his girlfriend called him on it an argument ensured.

It must have been a hell of an argument because the man’s anger took such a hold of him that he threw off his pants, grabbed a pair of scissors, and ran into the bathroom. He then proceeded to snip off his own penis.

It all happened before the woman could react, but she called for an ambulance and rushed him to the hospital. On arrival, the man had slipped into a coma from blood loss. When the bleeding subsided he was taken to a larger hospital for further treatment.

Doctors reportedly said that they would have been able to reattach the member had surgery been done within six hours. However, the man had apparently flushed his member down the toilet in his drunken rage.

As the man regained consciousness he was reportedly appalled at his own actions, but has calmed since. All that remained was a stump no longer than 3 cm long. Doctors feel confident that he will have no problem urinating in the future.

Source: Apple Daily (Chinese) via Big Globe News (Japanese)
Image: Wikimedia Commons