People in Japan have an uncanny ability to nod off in broad daylight. Take a ride on any train here, and you’ll see people falling asleep just like the cute pup above. While the long working hours and commitments of the obligation-based society send people to slumber, we’re not sure what’s overworking them in the animal world. The overwhelming desire for some shut-eye has struck a chord with Japanese net users, who have fallen in love with these animated GIFs of dozing animals. Let’s take a look at this unbearably cute collection and learn a few new interesting Japanese words from native commenters along the way.

過労 (karō) overwork


“This one’s for all you burnt-out office workers out there. Hands up if you can relate to this karō bunny!”

添い寝  (soine) sleep together


“Awwww! I want to soine with them!”

あくび (akubi) yawn


“Don’t stare too long! Akubi are contagious”

ウトウト (uto uto) to doze off


“I’ve never seen an animal uto uto before. It’s too much!”

諦める (akirameru) give up


Too … sleepy… akirame … zzz …

寝顔 (negao) sleeping face


“This cat’s negao is too adorable!”

うふふふふ (u-fu-fu-fu-fu) chuckles of laughter


“Going, going, gone! u-fu-fu-fu-fu!”

夜を明かす (yo wo akasu) pull an all-nighter


“He had to yo wo akasu to watch the sunrise!”

春眠暁を覚えず shunmin akatsuki wo oboezu ”In spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn”


“He’s out for the count!”

きゃわわ! (kyawawa!)  Internet slang for かわいい!(kawaii!), which is “cute”


“In love with this kitty! It’s so kyawawa!”

From cats to sloths to ducks, there are times when you just can’t keep your eyes open. Hopefully their efforts to stay awake have worked out well in the long run, by helping us retain some Japanese vocabulary! But just in case those new words haven’t sunk in yet, we might have to go back and take another look …

Source: Hamusoku