Although we’d positively abhor the very thought of seeing one of our favourite Studio Ghibli characters skinned and laid face-up on the hardwood floor of our cavernous offices, it wasn’t until we stumbled upon this fluffy Totoro mouse pad that we realised how much we’d love to have him adorning our desks at work.

Yep, thanks to, now both Totoro and the eternally grinning Catbus can be yours for just a few dollars, at once making all of your coworkers jealous and worrying household pets.

Specialising in “fun, hard-to-find school supplies”, CoolPencilCase’s online store carries a bevy of trinkets and toys that are just as likely to appeal to adults as kids gearing up for another term at school. Inspired by the giant bear-like character from Ghbili’s My Neighbor Totoro, this original mousepad is undoubtedly aimed at us bigger kids who spend most of our days plugged into computers, and yet is rich in the kind of details that younger minds would be quick to spot or criticise.

Featuring his iconic grin and big, fluffy belly for the user to rest their hand on, the Totoro mouse pad retails for US$18.45. He’s sure to cheer you up even while clicking through the drabbest of spreadsheets or longest letter of complaint.

totoro_2 fixed

▼Totoro’s tail will also help keep your wrist dry during clammy summer months.


▼ And is that a little makkurokurosuke on his arm!?

totoro_3 hand

The Catbus pen holder, meanwhile, can be yours for just $14.45, and is big enough to hold your phone, keys or wallet to ensure that they’re out of harm’s way but always within reach.

Even when a call comes in from your boss or an irritable client, with the Catbus always smiling up at you, you’ll have a constant reminder to stop, take a deep breath and ask yourself: what would Catbus do?


▼ Come on, you know your desk is just crying out for one of these!


And perhaps best of all for many of our overseas readers, despite being based on a Japanese animated film, these cute little accessories are actually available from a U.S.-based company who accepts most major credit cards as well as PayPal, and even offers international shipping.

Get clicking, Ghibli fans!

Source: via Gizmodo Japan