puppy cam top

It’s a good thing that dogs are so notoriously anti-internet, because if they caught sight of any of the following videos, shot with a camera and harness designed especially for pooches, they’d be at the door with their leashes in their mouths in seconds.

Coupled with its bespoke harness accessory, the Sony HDR-AS15 video camera is so incredibly light that it can be worn by dogs without them batting an eyelid. Or cocking their heads, perhaps.

The following videos, shot while a variety of happy dogs were wearing the camera, show the world as they see it. Sure, everything goes to pot every time the dogs decide to give themselves a good hard shake, but the rest of the time it’s plain sailing as these happy pets enjoy a (shhhh, not too loud now) W.A.L.K..

▼Being petted


▼Meeting friends for a drink


▼ And sprinting sprinting sprinting down the street!


Being a dog in Japan certainly looks like a lot of fun!

We’ll leave you now with the videos themselves. Whether you’re a tech-head or not, if you’re a dog owner we’re fairly sure you’ll be wishing they had one of these things by the end of the first video. Enjoy!

Source: NAVER Matome
Top image via roomie.jp Videos: YouTube Sony calltechno cosmoboxjp MomoTaroPapa