As Oscar Wilde once quipped, “Life imitates art.” And sometimes the news imitates soap operas.

In a story that sounds like something right out of daytime TV, a jilted nurse in Osaka has been arrested after stabbing her lover–the hospital’s administrative head–with a scalpel after he talked about breaking up.

Early on Friday afternoon last week, Osaka emergency services got a 119 call from a hospital saying that an employee had been stabbed. (In Japan, there are a variety of phone numbers for emergency services: 119 is for fires and ambulances, 110 for the police, and 118 for the coast guard.)

According to local media, the 59-year-old administrative head was stabbed in the stomach with a scalpel by a 48-year-old assistant nurse. Firefighters who arrived on the scene said he’d suggested breaking off their romance, which had lasted for some years, before he was stabbed.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital.

During questioning, the suspect said, “He’s been cold towards me recently, and I’ve been feeling ignored.” She was arrested on charges of attempted murder.

Internet commenters seemed amused by the ordeal.

“Of course he doesn’t want to be hospitalized in his own hospital.”

“What in the world are people in their 50s and 60s doing these days??”

“I wonder why the media hasn’t given their names?” (Editor’s note: The name of the nurse has since been released.)

“Mesu ga mesu de osu wo sashita.”

The last comment, which we have left in Japanese for fans and students of the language, was one commenter’s humorous take on the incident through wordplay. This joke translates to, “A female stabbed a male with a scalpel.” While this isn’t immediately funny in English, the line hinges on the fact that “mesu” can mean both “female” and, when an altogether different kanji character is used, “scalpel,” so it this phrase could be incorrectly be interpreted to mean, “A scalpel stabbed a male with a female.” Oh, you crazy linguists, you!

This is more exciting than an episode of General Hospital!

Source: Livedoor News, 2AA
Image source: Portrait Photos