While Japan is moving to make the most of their coolness, the Chinese-made Japanese input system “Baidu IME” makes a move to guilt trip users into keeping it around.

See, if you ever decide that you don’t like the program and want to remove it, a pretty young woman will appear, begging, on your screen. Emotional black mail at its finest!

  • First, what is an IME?

As you probably know, Japanese has three “alphabets” of sorts (hiragana, katakana, and romaji) in addition to literally tens of thousands of kanji. (Kanji is not, technically, an alphabet.) But most Japanese people use a QWERTY keyboard, with a few Japan-specific modifications. An IME, or “input method editor,” is the software that converts the typed “English” into kanji, hiragana or katakana. Without an IME, you wouldn’t be able to write a proper sentence in Japanese!

Here’s an example layout of a standard Japanese keyboard. It is possible to enter hiragana directly… but I’ve never known anyone who actually used that method.

▼First time users usually stare blankly and then sob for a few minutes.bi4

  • How can you bear to uninstall it?

With a girl crying right before you, it seems rather cruel to unistall the program, doesn’t it? There are even rumors of people who felt too bad to click “uninstall.” One bold RocketNews24 reporter installed the program to see how the uninstallation process went.

  • She appears!

When our reporter went to uninstall the program, the pretty young woman did, indeed, appear! With cat ears and an incredibly thin neck, this moe-worthy woman implores the user, “I’ve done my best up to now! Why don’t you try using the program just a little bit longer?” A couple of Baidu IME’s strong points are also listed, like being able to input a lot of kaomoji (Japanese-style smiley faces) including “kimoi kaomoiji,” or “creepy smiley faces.”

  • Tell me what I did wrong!

If you decide to go ahead with the uninstallation anyway, the girl’s spirits fall even lower as she says, “Thanks for everything ’til now… But please tell me what I did wrong!” And, what’s worse, she seems to be crying! Yikes!! With this adorable girl crying, our not-so-cold-hearted reporter wondered how anyone could go ahead with uninstalling the program.

  • Is this just for Windows 8?

Unfortunately, the pretty young woman only seems to appear in the Windows 8 version, and we don’t think she’ll show up on other versions. Some might argue that this is yet  another reason not to install that particular operating system, but we couldn’t possibly comment… However, if you really want to check her out, you should also be able to install the Windows 8 version on Windows 7.

  • Here are two screenshots and translations of the uninstall screens.


“I’ve done my best up to now! Why don’t you try using the program just a little bit longer?

1) You can input a lot of kaomoji, including stuff like creepy kaomoji.
2) It’s easy to input ASCII art over multiple lines.”


“Thanks for everything till now… Please tell me what I did wrong!

*Please select one of the following buttons.
At some point, I just decided I didn’t want it in my computer anymore.
My computer started running really slowly and it’s your fault!
The conversion system needs to be improved.”

Images: RocketNews24, Wikipedia
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