The Japanese are crazy for all things limited edition. This often manifests in seasonal specialties, like McDonalds’ fall Tsukimi burger, pre-summer unagi-don grilled eel rice bowls and deep summer cold noodle dishes like hiyashi chuuka. Last summer – amidst a notoriously hot year – Nestlé found they’d hit a home run with its “Delicious Cold Chocolate” series of chocolate goodies designed to be frozen before consumption.

Since this is Japan, the natural evolution of that line was to turn it into a special Kit Kat bar flavor, beginning with the new Cold Cookies and Cream flavor out this year. Nestlé is also expanding the series into other beloved chocolate lines with Chocolate Mint Aero and Caramel and Vanilla Crunch.



Nestlé says the chocolate offerings work around the common problem of frozen foods becoming unbearably hard with soft and crunchy ingredients like wafers and puffed rice.

Readers be warned though: as this is a seasonal offering, you may find convenience store shelves frustratingly empty of these new products just as your cold chocolate cravings develop into full-blown addiction.

Source: NariNari