No marriage is perfect, we imagine. Sometimes, little things become extremely annoying after years or decades, and other times stuff just happens. Even so, most people try their best to work it out by cutting through the bad to get to the good.

A wife in China, though, took things in the opposite direction. Here’s one story that will surely leave the gentlemen squealing.


Waking up, he noticed something was…uh…”missing”

Our (horror) story take place in China. On May 7, around 8 p.m., a Mr. Han (35) felt grave pain shoot through his body, waking him up. Glancing down, he noticed that he was missing “something.” It had, in fact, been cut off at the base.

The culprit was his six-years-junior wife

A little over 10 minutes after getting the call for help, the police arrived and found Mr. Han collapsed on the floor. They also discovered the weapon in the house.

The “weapon” was actually a pair of sharp, 20-cm-long scissors. Han’s wife used them to cut their child’s cloth diapers. However, she was not in the house, and the police assumed that she was the culprit.

“I flushed it.”

Shortly thereafter, the wife came home with a doctor in tow. “I thought the ambulance might not be able to find our house, so I went to meet them,” she explained.

The doctor checked Han’s condition. Although he’d been snipped off at the base, the doctor said that if it was found in 6 to 8 hours, it could be reattached. There was still time! When asked where Mr. Han’s penis was, his wife responded in the worst way possible: “I flushed it down the toilet.”

Still in love…

Mr. Han was immediately taken to the hospital. He went into shock due to blood loss, but two days later, he was responsive. He said he bore his wife no ill will and didn’t have any intention of bringing charges against her. Smiling, he explained, “Despite all this, I love my wife, and I think she loves me.”


Bloody history

According to Chinese media, Mr. Han said that he would sacrifice himself for his wife. In fact, it seemed that this wasn’t the first time he’d taken bodily injury for her. He’s missing the tip of his left index finger. After they’d had a fight, she shouted that she was going to “drink pesticide and die,” so he’d cut it off to show his love. “She’s been with me since she was 16. For my wife, I don’t mind sacrificing myself,” he explained.

What was her motive?

Nevertheless, what caused this incident? The wife had the following to say.

“I had a recording on my phone from an earlier fight. On it, my husband said he was going to divorce me. When I heard that, just then, I got really scared. Someone in our neighborhood got divorced, and the child was beaten by the second wife. If my husband divorced me and got married to another woman, I feared that our child would end up being abused like that child. But if I cut it off, I figured he’d never be able to get remarried.”

A silver lining

Now, Mr. Han suffered a grave injury, but he’s recovered and received urethral reconstructive surgery. However, he’ll have to squat whenever he takes care of business from now. What he lost was by no means small. Still, having his life saved is the silver lining of a VERY dark cloud.

This incident is certainly evidence of his love for his wife. We wish them the best of luck in the future and hope that they will have a happy marriage from here on out.

Images: Wikipedia (Scissors, Statue)
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