After teasing a release of “something” for a month on their website, Bandai unveiled this painstakingly detailed figure of the iconic robot from Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky, to the delighted squeals of Ghibli geeks everywhere.

In the animated film, the robot is the sole working model of an army of defensive machines that once protected the now-extinct inhabitants of a legendary floating island.


The bot’s undeniably cool design and the dual nature of its gentle demeanor and arsenal of destructive weapons has made it a hit with fans of Ghibli works.

Bandai’s figure comes with loads of details, down to individual rivets, and its arms, legs and head are partially pose-able. The figure is 130 mm wide and 85 mm tall, and Tokyo visitors can see two of them on display at this week’s Tokyo Toy Fair at Tokyo Big Sight.

Figures are on sale now and are expected to be delivered in October. They are available only while supplies last at the Premium Bandai shopping site for 3,360 yen (about US$30). Hurry and get yours now before they sell out and you live the rest of your life with the unshakable void of regret and disappointment in your gut.




Source: NariNari