Sighted in the upper reaches of Amazon Japan’s offices, these elevator doors–designed to resemble the company’s tear-open delivery boxes–were snapped by a Japanese Twitter user and shared online this past weekend. Suffice it to say, they just made our day.

Although the speed and efficiency of most business in Japan has to be commended, online stores who offer home delivery in particular really do deserve a special mention. As well as offering COD (Cash On Delivery) and konbini barai (paying at a convenience store) payment methods to help out those who don’t have a credit card, goods are almost always shipped precisely when they should be and arrive with impeccable timing, sometimes even earlier than you expect them. Even when penny pinchers like myself skip the expedited shipping option and go for regular, middle-aged-guy-in-a-van delivery, it’s not unknown to hear a knock on your door less than 24 hours after placing an order.

Whether these photos of Amazon JP’s office elevators were ever intended to be seen by the general public or not, we can’t help feeling even more love for one of our favourite online retailers today. It’s good to know that even one of the biggest businesses in town has a sense of humour.

Ping! Your people are here!

amazator 2

Carrying much more than just a mountain of polystyrene and a shrink-wrapped copy of Swept into the Night: A Lusty Adventure, these cool elevators whisk Amazon’s elite up and down, keeping the cogs of the company turning and people like you and me happy with deliveries of items that we might not buy if it meant having to go to the store in person. I wonder if they also have Prime elevators that get paying staff where they need to be just that little bit quicker?

Ah, we love you, Amazon. Even if you do sometimes get a little bit carried away with the packaging…

Source: Hamster Sokuhou (Japanese)