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After Japanese “performer” Miu GaGa’s laughably over-enthusiastic “dance” appearance on America’s Got Talent, Japan was in desperate need of a representative to show Las Vegas – where the show is based – and America at large that many Japanese, in fact, can dance. And as it happens, a handful of them can even literally defy the laws of physics when they do it.

Enter Kenichi Ebina, who blows away crowd and judges alike with his robotic and at times seemingly impossible dance routine, which appears to loosely follow the events of the first Matrix film.

The performance incorporates standard “robot dance” moves, but spices them up with a couple of superhuman techniques, like appearing to move in rewind, literally removing his head, and other tricks that will make you do a Scooby Doo spit-take.

Even Howard Stern, who has literally been talking nonstop for over 30 years, seemed mostly at a loss for words after the performance.

Pictures don’t really do the performance justice, but in case you’re reading from work or otherwise can’t watch the above, we did our best to capture the craziest moments below:

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Source: Hamster Sokuhou