It seems like every time someone tries to explain what women really want, we end up with an answer that is neither true nor even coherent. Or perhaps I just ask the wrong people, but I could have sworn Mr. Sato would be in the know.

Anyway, this time I think we at least have some good, solid information on what women don’t like: handsome men! (Ah-ha! No wonder I had so much trouble getting dates in high school.)

Girl’s Talk, a smartphone community app “for women only”, conducted a survey of their members, asking emotive questions like “Do you enjoy having your nipples pinched?” (To which 60 percent said ‘no’, in case you were wondering.) But one question in particular really caught the attention of Japanese Internet users:

“Do you agree with the statement: ‘I don’t really like super-handsome men’?”

The question itself is not particularly unusual, but the responses it received were definitely of interest. Of the 414 respondents, only 93 of them said ‘no’, suggesting that they liked especially hot guys. Which means that the remaining 77.5 percent of the women who responded to the question said that they didn’t really care for super-handsome men!! That’s like asking four kids if they like Halloween candy and three of them shouting out “Hell no!”

But, as strange as this may seem to some of us, the ladies gave some pretty compelling reasons for why the über beautiful did little for them:

“If a guy spends too much time on his looks, there’s no way to approach him. I would just feel really uncomfortable,” said one 24-year-old respondent.

“For guys who are really handsome, there’s no doubt that, in the past, they were popular just because of their faces, so their personalities are sure to be kind of off. That or they’ll lack a sense of humor. I’d rather be with someone fun or interesting,” explained a 26-year-old woman.

One woman in her early 30s offered an especially interesting insight: “Handsomeness is really only a component of attractiveness for men in their 20s. You can’t really think of a ’34-year-old stud.’ Rather, as men get older, it’s more important to have a face with meaning than to have a handsome face.” Hmmm… Well, I’d like to suggest that the only reason she can’t think of a 34-year-old stud is because she hasn’t met Mr. Sato!

So, moral of the story? Guys, you need to stop worrying about your pretty faces and start being more interesting! Or just aim for the other 22.5 percent, I guess?

Japanese Internet users had this to say on the subject:

But being ugly is even worse.

So, just being handsome but not super-handsome is okay, then, right?

The reason I can’t get a girlfriend is that I’m too handsome??

Dude, it’s not saying that being ugly is attractive!

I think they forgot to add: (*Limited to rich guys.)

So it’s like this? Handsome guys>normal guys>super-handsome guys>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ugly guys.



So you see, guys, women care more about how interesting of a person you are then your face! At least according to the Girl Talk survey. Obviously, it’s impossible to know much about the respondents, though, so you’ll have to forgive us for taking this one with a few grains of salt.

Source: Itai News 2chan, Ameba News, Girl’s Talk