Last time we checked, wearing a leotard in public wasn’t against the law.

Unfortunately for famed Twitter user “Straddling a potty in a red leotard,” that didn’t stop him from getting picked up by the cops for questioning in Tokyo last Sunday.


Mr. Leotard, as we’ve decided to name him for now, has around 10,000 Twitter followers, whom he keeps entertained by posting pictures of himself in various poses while wearing a leotard. His Twitter name comes from his most popular pose, as you may have guessed.


It’s unclear why the police stopped and arrested Mr. Leotard, though the prevailing opinion online seems to be that it wasn’t for public indecency as many had originally thought. After all, he wasn’t naked and he’s seems to be a much less offensive sight than drunken businessmen covering the train floors with vomit every Friday night.


Mr. Leotard’s Twitter account has been silent since Sunday, when he last wrote that he was headed to Machida, Tokyo, so we have no idea what his side of the story is. Some have suggested that his extreme performances earned him notoriety and complaints from the locals, or that he was arrested for taking photographs in areas where it was prohibited. Hopefully he’ll post again soon to clarify the situation.

▼This photo was attached to the tweet sent before he left for Machida.


Twitter users reacted to the Internet celebrity’s arrest.

He was arrested dressed like that? LOL

I was on the train with him today!

This guy? I saw him today!

Yikes! How sad!

What did he do that was so wrong??

Maybe he was training for one of those new evil companies.

The “evil companies” comment refers to a recent hot topic in Japan: basically sweatshops and other other companies that do, well, evil stuff like exploiting their employees. No, we’re not sure what that has to do with Mr. Leotard either…


While we don’t yet know what the reason for the arrest was, we hope it wasn’t anything more than a small misunderstanding. Besides, we want more pictures!

Source: Byoukan Sunday, Straddling a potty in a red leotard