On Tuesday, July 23 at roughly 2:40 p.m., Tokyo came under attack–by massive, violent rainfall!

Called “guerrilla rain” (gerira gou in Japanese), the rain, lightning, and thunder didn’t last particularly long, but, like the battlefield tactics it’s named after, the surprise weather unleashed a hell of a downpour in a short time.

Luckily for us, Twitter caught it all in a collection of cool photos!

Though Japanese rainfall may not be the worst in the world, it’s still impressive to see just how much water can fall out of the sky at once.

Guerrilla rains obviously don’t last very long–though yesterday’s precipitation probably seemed endless for those stranded by stopped trains.

Here are a few of the more impressive photos from Twitter.



This photo was actually taken from Tokyo Skytree, the world’s tallest tower and Japan’s tallest structure, and it gives a perfectly surreal view of the rain.

It also looks like a giant alien spaceship firing a death beam through the clouds at Tokyo, which would make for a great anime! Come on, Production I.G., we’ll give that one to you for free!

  • Stranded!


When the rains get really bad, where do you suppose it all goes? Yep, into the subways! Though not all lines were affected–I got home early last night–it’s almost expected to hear of trains splashing to a halt on rainy days. Though usually people aren’t splashing through the turnstiles as well…

According to one Twitter user, part of the Tokyuu Yokosuke line was put out of service by the downpour, requiring the trains to stop. Passengers had to disembark and walk to the next station!


Honestly, at this point, I have no idea why anyone’s even bothering with an umbrella anymore.

Taken at Gakugei-daigaku Station, the above photo shows what happens when the guerrilla rain leaks through roof…and then runs down the escalator!

  • The big river keeps a-flowing!


This photo is of a service boat on the Meguro River about to tip over. Nothing says, “OMG! HELP!” like using a backhoe as an anchor. On the other hand, the workers couldn’t look more bored, could they?

  • How was the game?


Oh, sure, they’re all soccer fans until it starts raining a little bit. The game everyone is abandoning in the photo was a preseason game between Manchester United and the Yokohama F. Marinos.

  • You didn’t say this would be on the test!


Here’s a picture from Tama Art University in Setagaya, Tokyo, which apparently has a bit of a water problem.

The woman in the photo has the perfect “What the #!$% now?” look. Someone get her a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of bourbon–I think she’s going to need them.


Also located in Setagaya, the Tokyo University of Agriculture seems to have a bit more water than they know what to do with.

I’m not exactly sure what the gentleman in the photo is trying to do…but I doubt a pack of cigarettes and bourbon will be enough for him.

  • DO. NOT. WANT.


And in the perfect photo to sum up the massive downpour that tried to wash us all away yesterday, here’s water shooting out of a manhole.

To quote the Twitter user who posted it: “The guerrilla rain hit! Check out this manhole…lolololololol!”

I hope you managed stayed dry if you were caught in Tuesday’s downpour. It’s supposed to rain again tonight, so don’t forget your umbrella if you’re in Tokyo!

Source: Naver Matome