Aw yeah, knee-high socks. Does that get you wet?

Well, these are probably the wettest set of knee-high socks you’ll ever see. Some genius has combined two favourite fetishes in one… “knee-high socks” plus “women underwater”, making for some amazing shots that are very enjoyable even if you’re not particularly into either one. I wonder how this stroke of genius came about. Did someone accidentally fall into a pool while wearing knee socks and climb out shrieking “Eureka!!” Did they start the underwater shoot and then realize the models had terrible shaving rash which needed to be concealed somehow? Or did it come about through some other process of evolution? Wetsuit, wetsuit socks, wet socks… wet knee-high socks? Let’s not even mention how sexy it is to see someone sucking on a scuba diving mouthpiece.

“Underwater knee-high girls”, a collection of photos of women wearing socks underwater, is due to be published by Pot Shuppan on 29 August this year. The underwater photography was captured by Mika Ninagawa, who directed the manga-based movie Helter Skelter (2012), and film-maker, Manabu Koga.

▼You too can own this ethereal, gently floating scuba waif for only 1,800 yen (US$18)

▼(sigh) …guys never look at my face, they can’t keep their eyes off my stripy socks.swimsocks2

▼Gasping for breath yet? Time to relieve the ear pressure?swimsocks3

▼The stripy ones are probably poisonous.swimsocks4

▼Nice mask-ara…swimsocks5

▼After muff diving for hours, she sank to the bottom of the pool, spent.swimsocks6

▼Blowing bubbles.swimsocks7

▼Full marks if you can guess what the item below is. And what it will be used for.swimsocks8

▼Some additional underwater goodness by Manabu Koga

Phew, time to come up for air! And next time I go to the pool, I’ll be wearing socks. It’s more hygienic that way.

Source: Fashionsnap
Images by Mika Ninagawa and Manabu Koga