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You’d think people would have gotten the hint after the ice cream freezer diver got himself fired and his local Lawson convenience store shut down. But some people just need to learn their lessons the hard way.

After all, it wouldn’t be a wasted youth if you didn’t waste it, right? And, you have to admit, experience is the best teacher! (Don’t tell Ms. Yamaguchi we said that!)

So, just what is this Burger King employee taking a dive into?

▼Hamburger buns. Oh, well, that’s completely different, isn’t it? Please, carry on.

fall in bunz

The above photo appeared online with the tweet, “Jeez. It’s a weekday! Why’s it so busy? How many Whopper Juniors do you think I’ve made? I wish the customers would try to understand this situation!”

Okay, we get having fun and messing around at work after a long day. Pretty much everyone has worked some minimum wage, fast-food/convenience store job in their life. And we totally understand being a young adult and wishing you could be doing something–anything–besides flipping burgers and stacking buns.

And, if we’re really being honest here, it’s not like fast food joints are known for their excellent food and great hygiene. But do you really need to show everyone on the Internet?? Also, while the pictures we’ve used have the young man’s face blurred out, the original Twitter picture put his smiling mug on display for the whole world to see. Including his employers.

▼The guy on the buns is the second most disturbing thing. What’s in that bucket?

fall in bunz bucket

After the fuss raised online, Burger King responded to the upset public by posting an apology on the company website. In a surprising turn of events, though, the young man in the picture wasn‘t fired. Instead, the company has said that he will be sternly reprimanded and retrained to ensure that this never happens again.

However, our red-shirted, grinning buddy above isn’t the only Burger King employee putting their butts where they don’t belong.

The picture below, also from a Burger King employee, was tweeted with the comment, “We were bored, so this happened.”

fall in bucket j

At least he’s not butt-flopping on our buns, right?

Still, were we executives at McDonald’s, this might seem like a great time to run a campaign emphasizing that their employees never stick their rears where they don’t belong.

Source: Hachima Kikou, Ontama Sokuho