“Chirarizumu” is the art of giving someone a brief glimpse of something—like an “accidental” nipslip or bending over at the right moment to let someone see a flash of your thong. Think of it as a sort of subtle seduction techinque, if you will.

Well, these clothes, created by the Tokyo clothing company One Better, take a sideways glance at “chirarizumu” and scoff! Instead of playing hard to get, this line of t-shirts and shorts will have you baring it all.


The shirt pictured above, called the “chichidashi” T-shirt (“boobie revealing” T-shirt), is designed to look as if the wearer’s breasts had suddenly burst out for the whole world to, um, enjoy. And the design is certainly eye-catching! We can’t imagine how many guys are going to get whiplash doing double-takes.

Or how many girlfriends’ hands will be swollen from delivering righteous slaps…


The T-shirts, which are available from minne and Amazon Japan, cost 3980 yen (about US$40).

But wait! There’s more!


One Better didn’t want the guys to feel left out, so they created something special: “shiridashi” shorts (“ass revealing” shorts) for those men and women who want to show off their rear ends. The company recommends this item for: adding to the fun at nomikai (drinking parties), stripping at summer festivals, and having fun at the beach or BBQs.


They may also be good for mooning other cars on your way to get some delicious food at Enoshima!

You can pick up the bootylicious shorts for 2,980 yen (about US$30).


Both the shirts and the shorts are available at minne (Japanese only) and Amazon Japan.

Hmmm…these might make for some great chuugen–summer presents—for the boss!
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