Missed the light show? Here’s a view of the Perseid meteor shower from Japan!2

The Perseid meteor shower is a free show in the sky, but we understand if you accidentally nodded off before you had a chance to make a wish upon a star. If you were one of those caught snoozing, feel free to gaze at these beautiful photos and video of the Perseid shower that were taken in Japan.

Japan caught a glimpse of the annual shower from nine in the evening on August 12 until dawn on August 13, with a peak at three in the morning. A cloudless night made for perfect viewing conditions, bringing thousands of people across the country out into the early morning air.

Missed the light show? Here’s a view of the Perseid meteor shower from Japan!▲ The large cluster of stars to the right of the shooting star is the Milky Way.

If these photos aren’t enough, check out the following time-lapse video made by Japan-based YouTube user, Nyanta8355:

Japanese netizens are all talking about the meteor shower:

Just went outside to try and see something, but it’s cloudy. My life!

The lights on the neighbor’s house are too bright and I can’t even see one star.

I completely slept through the whole thing!

So glad I live in the country side! SHOOOTING STARS!

Missed the peak! I wonder if I can see some tonight…

Come on people! Stop looking at these pictures and go outside to view the real thing!

The last comment says it all. Although the best day to view the Perseids meteor shower has passed, there is still increased activities in the skies and this particular shower will continue until August 24. So tonight, get out there and view some falling stars!

Source: Hamusoku