Comic Market WeddingPictures of a bride and groom at the head of the line on opening day of Comic Market (Comiket for short) have surfaced on Twitter causing otaku everywhere to have wedding fever. For those of you who don’t know, Comiket is the world’s largest self-published manga and anime fair held biannually in Tokyo. The pair was seen leading a mass of sweaty nerds into the event site, the woman in a stunning wedding gown, the groom walking proudly by her side in a light grey tuxedo. But what were they doing there? Was this an actual Comic Market wedding or an ingenious way to prevent overeager nerds from ignoring staff guidance and running amuck to be one of the first into the event site?

Little is known about the bride and groom, but the people of Twitter are dubbing it “Comikekkon,” a blending of Comiket and kekkon, the word for “marriage” in Japanese. Since they are both wearing green armbands, many assume they are Comiket staff members who just got married. Others dub the gown and tuxedo as mere costumes that were used to keep back the crowd (even manga-hungry otaku weren’t going to rush past a bride and groom). Real or not, the picture of the bride and groom has been retweeted over one thousand times.

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Here’s what Japanese netizens are saying:

Comic Market 84 is now open! There’s a bride and groom staff member leading the line into the Central East hall. The entire place erupted in applause.

Staff members dressed in wedding attire leading the line. As much as I want to, I’m not going to run past them! Is this a real Comikekkon?! If so, congrats!

Why is there a bride and groom leading the general admission line? Comikekkon?

Are you kidding? They had a bride and groom lead the line into the opening day of Comiket so we don’t go past them…

No one knows the true reason why this couple was dressed in wedding attire; we don’t even know if they are an actual couple, but all of Twitter was abuzz talking about them. Even if these two didn’t actually tie the knot at Comiket, the clever trick kept the nerds at bay. It might have even given thousands of otaku a glimpse into what it might be like to find the nerdy girl of their dreams and marry her at the biggest otaku-fest in the world.

Source: Matome Naver
Images: Twitter, Twitpic