Mr. Leotard, also known by his Twitter name Straddling a Potty in a Red Leotard, has struck again! This time, though, his public appearance is altogether more surreal.

Wearing his namesake leotard and armed with a recording of the “Anpanman March,” the well-toned man performed an unusual but skillful dance.

The YouTube video, posted yesterday, has already received around 40,000 views. And once you see it, we think you’ll understand why.

In case you missed our previous article, Mr. Leotard, as we’ve decided to call him, is a Twitter celebrity who tweets pictures of himself straddling a child’s potty, usually in a red leotard. No, we don’t have any idea why either.

Yesterday, the performer uploaded a new video to YouTube, in which he dances to the “Anpanman March.” Anpanman is a Japanese children’s superhero whose head is literally made of anpan–bread with a sweet bean-paste filling. The character is perhaps one of Japan’s most famous and beloved, known by nearly everyone regardless of age.

▼Anpanman (left) and Shokupanman (right) performing the “Anpanman March.”


The new video from the Twitter celebrity features Mr. Leotard, in his red leotard, performing a ballet-like dance with smooth, precise movements on a public street as the “Anpanma March” plays. At first, the people passing by try to ignore him, scooting along with their heads down as soon as they spot him.


However, as the song and performance go on, a sizable audience assembles, watching Mr. Leotard with rapt attention.


▼This seems to be one of his signature moves.


When the song ends, Mr. Leotard hurries towards the viewer to turn off the camera as the crowd remain in a stunned silence, a single onlooker attempting to start a ripple of applause. If you have time, we strongly urge you to watch the performance! It is as mesmerizing as it is strange.

▼Click play to enter the rabbit hole.

Now, you may well be asking “why?” but it’s a question without a clear answer. The best we’ve come up with is that Mr. Leotard is simply a very dedicated performance artist. Some of his tweets feature pictures of the well-toned man with a sign reading, “Please take pictures of me,” standing straight-faced in public, as you can see below.


Passers-by are also welcome to take photos with the Twitter celebrity, as they young man below has done. In an exchange between the two on Twitter, Mr. Leotard thanked him for “taking the leash.”


Still, it’s hard to say exactly why he’s doing this. For now, though, we’re happy to simply sit back and appreciate it!

Some YouTube commenters were supportive of the new video.

Your smooth, precise movements and the way you stand on the tips of your toes without shaking belie how strong and flexible your leg muscles are. As do your jumps and landings. It’s very well done! There aren’t many people who could perform as well or as smoothly as you can! Amazing!

Oh! A new piece! LOL

Smoothly done!

Such smooth movements!

Others less so..


What? He’s just a madman, isn’t he?


I felt embarrassed just watching this!

While it’s certainly not something you see everyday, we can’t help wondering if that isn’t the point. Perhaps he’s just a regular guy trying to give people something to smile about?

Or maybe he is just a madman.

Either way, we are happy to see more from Mr. Leotard. Let us know if you ever spot him out and about Tokyo!

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▼You can also check out the “Anpanman March”, as performed by Anpanman, below.