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As the summer heat wears on, people are mostly dealing with it well. There’s kakigori, ice cream, and giant chunks of ice to help you get through the hot months. And, just think! Autumn weather is only a few weeks away! We hope…

But one grade-school girl in Chiba Prefecture finally reached her snapping point and…set her family’s house on fire??

On August 12, it seems that a sixth-grade girl took a lighter and set fire to one of the traditional sliding doors in her family’s one-story, wooden house. As you might imagine, the 60 square meter (645.8 square foot) building burst into flames and was burned almost entirely to the ground. The blaze took approximately one hour to extinguish.

Aside from the mother who suffered light injuries from smoke inhalation, it seems that no one was injured. The girl was taken into custody by the police after admitting to starting the fire and has been questioned regarding her motives. According to officials, the grade-school student said, “I was irritated because of the heat. And I was sick of living with my mother.”

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In addition to the sixth-grade girl and her 44-year-old mother, her 13-year-old elder sister and mother’s ex-husband were also residing in the house. Last year, police reported the mother to child protective services for child-neglect for not preparing food. The girl is currently in the custody of child protective services.

Japanese Twitter users reacted strongly to the news.

She was irritated from the heat and thus started a fire?? What a thing to do for a sixth-grade girl.

Scary! (゜∀。) Both this girl and the heat!

For an elementary school student, especially a little girl, to start such a fire…and her mother is my age! Such a shock!

Setting your own house of fire? What the hell??

Sixth-grade girl sets fire to her own house because she’s irritated from the heat. What has our country come to??

We’re very happy to hear that everyone made it out of the house safely and we sincerely hope that the girl will soon be in a better situation.

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▼You can view an FNN News video of the house’s remains below.