Something always trouble me about Teletubbies with their missing eyebrows, that laughing baby sun, and always insisting on watching videos twice in quick succession (seriously, where were they the first annoying time?).

If you’re among the few who still find these kids’ TV characters adorable, then this photo from China titled “Teletubbies decorating car window with mold growing” should bring you quickly over to the dark side. But beyond the initial shock of seeing these beloved infant heroes in such a state, there seems to be something more going on in this photo.

There you go, soak in the horror.

Arranged along the rear window of the car, the Teletubbies faces are all densely spackled with spots of mold. The mold also appears to be eating away at their eye sockets making them look as if they had just looked inside the Lost Ark of the Covenant.

Here’s the really weird part though: Only their faces have been ravaged by mold, leading us to wonder if this was done intentionally. Could the owner of this vehicle have cultured the mold onto poor Dipsy and Laa-Laa’s faces? And if so, why?

Perhaps the driver wanted to dissuade tailgating; no one wants to drive too close behind that. Then again, they could have wanted to make a tragic statement on the fleeting and fragile nature of youth…

Original Article by Hatori GO
Source: (Chinese)

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