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Apparently, there’s a bit of a problem with some Nintendo 3DS and 3DS LL consoles: Game cards are literally popping out of the portable devices without warning.

This can be a pretty serious problem, too. It can result in the loss of unsaved progress, or even the game card itself zooming off and going missing or being damaged. But fear not! Cyber Gadget has a solution.

We have to admit that this has never happened to us, but whether it’s a batch of 3Dses with faulty or just clumsy fingers getting too near to the game card while it’s loaded, it seems that some Nintendo 3DS and 3DS LL users have experienced games popping out of the systems without warning.

Fortunately, Tokyo-based company Cyber Gadget has a solution and they’re ready to start selling it to you! Called simply the Cyber Push Guard (3DS/3DS LL), the little metal clips fit over the mini cartridges and are designed to keep them held in place, as pictured below.

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Cyber Gadget is going out of their way to emphasize that these guards are manufactured by the Takade Kanagata Factory in Niigata Prefecture, so we should probably mention that as well. We assume that being made of metal instead of plastic means these gadgets will outlast your gaming device. Though with the new 2DS coming out soon, you may be thinking about getting a new piece of hardware soon anyway.

The guards come in two colors, black and silver.

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Japanese netizens had a lot to say about these new gaming items.

If you really need this to protect your games, then there’s definitely a serious design flaw with the hardware.

But I’ve never had my game pop out…

[In response to the above comment, we hope] Mine pops out!!

That crappy, poorly designed 3DS!

This is a lethal problem for a portable device.

Games popping out is just a hoax!!!

It happens!

Well, the PS Vita comes with a cover already installed over the game slot…

This would warp the connector! Do. Not. Want.

I’ve had the game pop out before. And I hadn’t saved either. Soooooo depressing.

Those really will just pop out on their own! So infuriating.

This would be unthinkable with the Gameboy.

While there seems to be some debate about whether or not games really are popping out and flying around on their own, if you happen to have a problem with runaway games, this might be just the thing for you.

You can order the guards on Amazon Japan (click here for the silver model) for 1,164 yen (about US$12) right now, though there’s no word on when these will be available abroad.

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Image source: Hachima Kikou