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SuperDry, the hugely popular brand from UK-based clothing company SuperGroup plc, has become the subject of great amusement here in Japan this week as photos showing numerous articles of clothing branded with nonsensical Japanese phrases show that it’s not just garbled English that exists in the world of fashion.

From sweatshirts pairing the words “Track & Field” with the Japanese characters for “Clever Weather Company” to shirts that randomly scream “Do iiit!” there’s plenty to keep Japanese speakers smiling, and for Westerners to beware of.

Welcome to the other side of the coin!

Even if you’re perfectly happy to wear clothing displaying messages that make no sense, and whether or not some of these shirts and sweatshirts were bought in, shall we say less legitimate stores (and by the look of it a couple were!), we felt you might at least like to know what your clothing says. With that in mind, here are some of the best/worst offenders Japanese netizens have spotted this week, lovingly translated for your perusal and amusement.

▼ “Business Use”

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▼ “Clever Weather Company”

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▼ “Extreme dryness (do it!)”

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▼ “Extreme dryness do iiiit!”

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▼ “The true great effort”

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▼ “Extreme Extreme”

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▼ “Machine kind”

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▼ “Prize winner” Hey, this one kind of works!

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▼ Umm… “Extreme speed try test”?

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▼ “A dry extreme” Well, it is SuperDry after all!

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In all fairness, owning any of these products, or any number of fashion items with a little weird kanji on them is hardly a crime. SuperDry has clearly chosen characters based on their appearance, and for the most part their choices look pretty good, so we won’t give the company too a hard time for slapping a few kanji on their wares! After all, everyone likes a cool t-shirt even if they can’t read what it says, but no one likes a know-it-all Asia-loving smart-arse, do they?

And at least none of SuperDry’s products are potentially offensive…

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UPDATE: One of our own RocketNews24 Japan staffers – a self-confessed SuperDry fan and owner of more than 20 of their shirts, no less – suggests that some of these garments, despite proudly displaying the SuperDry logo and designs, may in fact be fakes. If you’re reading this, SuperGroup, someone out there may not only be taking liberties with your brand name, but making a mockery of your Japanese language ability! 

Source/images: Naver Matome 
English sweater image via Youoffendme