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Japan is well known for its vast array of escort services that cater to every societal niche. You can find flashy girls and guys at hostess bars and host clubs who pose as your conversation and drinking partners for however long your money lasts. Butler and maid cafes have also found a market with the slightly less seedy (but no less obsessed) crowd who are willing to pay money to be served tea by snappily dressed attendants as they chat you up.

But what about the people that aren’t interested in the overly fashionable, intimidating bar workers? What if you don’t want some cute maid young enough to be your daughter, or a stoic butler the same age as your little brother at your beck and call?

Japan has got just the thing for you! Introducing rent-able middle-aged dudes!

▼ The debonaire, rent-able Takanobu Nishimoto


That’s right, the new Ossan Rental (or “Middle-Aged Guy Rental”) service is perfect for anyone who wants a helpful, mature fellow to lend an ear or helping hand. No extended family of uncles or older cousins to turn to when you need some house repairs? Look no further than the official Ossan blog or Twitter account to find an older, experienced dude willing to grant your request for just 1,000 yen (that’s US$10) an hour!

This start-up company has two older guys in their roster so far, whose suggested specialties include:

– A buddy to play games with
– A conversation partner
– Someone to run errands for you
– Or just a nice companion to go shopping with and while away the time

The site is easy to navigate and even has a shopping cart feature to order your ripened gentleman and pay cash on delivery. If you have any questions, the inquiries hotline for Ossan Rental is open 24/7… -ish, since it’s actually the home phone number of one of the rent-able men! (But he says he’ll do his best!)

Choose from either the 46-year old Takanobu Nishimoto (a native of Osaka and college lecturer in fashion and styling) or Mikio Sendou (the former baseball player and current sports commentator from Gifu Prefecture).

▼ Retired baseball star, and current man-for-hire Mikio Sendou


This service is still new, but will hopefully gain more acclaim and increase its line up of available uncle-figures for their clientele to choose from!

Source: Naver Matome
Inset images: Ossan Rental